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Starlink is a leader in the underground utility industry, including the service of Jack and Bore. We are the capability and experience to Jack and Bore steel casing from 4 inches to 36 inches. We are capable of boring under railroads, interstates, bodies of water and more!


Jack and bore is another method of horizontal boring but for sewer construction. This method is very similar to a jackhammer in the sense that it uses air to pound its way through the ground. 


The usual steps of Jack and Bore are the following:


- Dig beginning and ending pits to the required depth.

- Shore walls if needed.

- Lay the bore machine into the pit. 

- Set up the tracks and insert an auger in a casing. 

- The jack and bore will push the auger and casing through the ground while the machine turns a cutting head through to the ground and break up the dirt. 

- The auger will carry the debris back to the machine in the put.

- Then you will shovel the dirt and debris out of the pit. 

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