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Specializing in underground directional boring, we can tackle any task. Our fleet has multiple state-of-the-art underground drilling machines. With highly trained and experienced drill operators. We are the region's industry leader in directional drilling. 



Directional Boring, also known as HDD, is a trenchless underground utility technique used to install underground piping, conduits, and cables along a pre-determined bore path using a surface-launched drilling rig. 


This method is often preferred over conventional pipe installation techniques due to being considered low impact. During directional drilling, there is no excavation required. This method is best suited for minimum disturbance to the surrounding areas is necessary. 



Directional drilling is usually performed in three separate phases. 


Phase 1:  making a small pilot hole which outlines the predetermined bore path

Phase 2: using a larger diameter bit called a reamer, you enlarge the hole to the required diameter.

Phase 3: when the hole is large enough to accommodate the pipe, the pipeline is pulled through the hole for a continuous piping segment spanning the entire length, entry to exit holes. 



HDPE Capabilities:

- Gas

- Water

- Electric 

- Sewer

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