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Starlink Construction Utilities is a turn-key full-service company. We provide the industries latest technology to perform and complete each job to the highest quality standard. With a large qualified and well-trained fleet, we are able to perform a wide variety of jobs including, but not limited to: underground power, water, sewer, communications, and fiber. 



Underground Utilities are public service infrastructures that are installed beneath the ground surface. Examples of Underground Utilities include, but are not limited to, lines for cable television, broadband internet services, natural gas transportation, traffic lights, electricity distribution, and water/wastewater pipelines. 


Utilities might have to be installed underground due to convenience, functional reasons, as well as aesthetics The installation of underground utilities by conventional excavation methods have posed risks to construction workers. For this reason, Horizontal directional drilling, in particular, has become increasingly popular due to its remote steering ability, reduced manual labor, and minimal impact to surrounding environments. 

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